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Spring Specials 

$105 OFF a New Set of Ombre + Powder Tattoo (Reg price $500) Use code : OMBRE105 /POWDER105  at checkout

$105 OFF Color Correction + Cover-up of your previous Brow Tattoo (Reg price $550) Use code : CORRECT105  at checkout

Offer Expires 06/30/24

Friends and Family Referral 

Friends don't let friends have bad eyebrows!


Refer your bestie or a family member and get $20 off your 6-8 week touch up.


90% of the time, a touch up appointment will be needed after the first appointment. This is normal and part of the brow tattoo process. 


Benefits of 6-8 week touch up Brow Tattoo:

  1. Adjustment: Color and shape can be fine-tuned to your preference.

  2. Longevity: Faded areas can be filled in, ensuring longer-lasting results.

  3. Definition: Additional layering enhances a natural, textured appearance.

  4. Correction: Minor imperfections can be fixed for balanced brows.

  5. Skin Healing: Healing assessment helps customize touch-up for your skin.

  6. Confidence: Perfected brows boost satisfaction and confidence.

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